Take a Walk: Mommsen Valley

…the beauty of the rain is how it falls…

~Dar Williams

On a rainy afternoon, in the small town of McCleary, Washington, a wonderful couple took me for a walk in their favorite spot: the Mommsen Valley.  We had just met a couple of weeks prior, and sharing favorite hikes is a marvelous way to know one another.

Once a family farm and homestead, the Mommsen Valley is now a wetland that has been planted by the local timber company and left to grow for a couple of decades.

Marshy meadows, fir trees, ancient apple trees, and muddy logging roads, have become a delightful sanctuary for deer, birds, snakes, slugs, rabbits…a bustling little world sustained on blackberries, huckleberries, insects…vibrant and verdant!

Our walk took us up some gentle slopes and down some wooded tracks – through the peace and quiet of the thick understory of the forest.  The mosses were fantastic, as were the lichen – a sign of good air quality.  The trees were packed tightly, but there was just enough sunlight for wildflowers to warm themselves by the trail-edge.

Just off of Washington State Highway 8, in the village of McCleary, this charming piece of land is a wonderful place to take an energetic dog for a romp, or to contemplate the state of the world, and the cycles of life, in peace.

Take a walk in the bustle of a new forest – experience something lively.


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