Saying Goodbye…

Today, my family celebrates the life of one of its members.

She was a brilliant, warmth and comfort in my childhood.  I remember steaming mint tea with honey when I was sick, soft couch cushions under my cheek as the laughter of adults drifted through my tired ears.  I remember being told that I was an angel and that it was only natural that cruelty or meanness shocked me so greatly – an auntie’s understanding.  On Christmas morning she would serve my mom and I bagels with lox and cream cheese, with extra cream cheese for me.  On vacations she would tell me which windows and doors and staircases were haunted and by whom.

Laughter sparkled in her eyes.
She snorted sometimes, when she was really happy.
She saw people as they actually were, and loved them.


Blessings, beautiful lady.  Thank you for living!


What do you think?

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