Kayaking: A Relaxing Way to Explore the Bay

fog kayak

Kayaking along a log-jamm

He is rich, who owns the day…

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


In the crisp fog of a fall morning, a trio of friends went exploring.  We did not use hiking boots, skis, horses, or a car.  We used Kayaks.


photo by Carla Flynn

Puget Sound, with its inlets, estuaries, deltas, and sloughs, is a world of water.   It rains for a good portion of every year.  Streams, rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and the ocean dominate and define the land.  When you cannot see the water, it is still present.  The mosses hold it close to the soil, the trees store it away and circulate it for energy, it flows under your feet in massive aquifers – providing fresh drinking water for millions of people and billions of little creatures.

Exploring the waters of Puget Sound is well worth the effort, and a kayak is a fantastic mode of transport!

If you would rather not make the investment of owning a kayak, they are for rent near almost every port city and marina in the Sound. (If there is a safe place to paddle, there is bound to be a kayak rental nearby.

We rented from Tugboat Annie’s  on the west bay of Budd Inlet.  They have nicely kept kayaks and will include breakfast in the price if you like.

The fog was thick, the light was bright, the water was glassy and still.

Jellyfish of all sizes floated directly beneath the surface.  Herons, like trees, rose out of floating logs.  Seals, plump and snoring, basked in the cool air and the bright fog, raising groggy eyes to snort at us as we passed quietly by.

What a wonderful way to greet the day!

After a few hours the sun dispersed the fog and the boats began to make their way down the shipping canal.  It was magical and so very relaxing.

Take yourself kayaking!  Trail your fingers through the water, tickle a baby jellyfish, wake a snoring seal, feel the mist upon your skin.  It is a wonderful way to explore the water.




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