Recipe: Winter Green Salad

Kale, cabbage, chard, beet greens – the hearty greens that can withstand the chill of a frost.  When I was younger I would eye them dubiously.  I also had no idea how they were best prepared.  When subjected to a salty massage and a brisk rinse they are brilliant, succulent, and so very good for your health!

Note:  The last time that I made this salad, I massaged the greens in salt and rinsed them before adding the dressing – it was a nice change, but the salad is tasty either way. Salads are more improvisation than recipe – creativity and resourcefulness are your friends.  The reason that I wrote a recipe is that sometimes, we need to understand how something works before it feels possible. (I hope that you enjoy the salad that you are inspired to create!)

winter greens salad

a page scanned from my recipe book.

PS. This is a “small’ish crowd” proportion –  easily serving 10 – 15 people as a side dish. If it is for a smaller group, it keeps beautifully in the fridge for about 5 days (even after it’s all dressed-up in oils and juices).


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