Will you remember that you once were…

Rinata Liwska

Tug the soft blankets and the cool sheets closer to your chin. Snuggle into a pillow, or the shoulder of a loved one, and get ready for a night spent with beautiful memories and peaceful dreams.

In preparing for the Christmas season, I poured through many touching, gentle children’s stories.  There are many good choices, some new, some old, some timeless. Many of them made it onto the shelves of the shop.

One of my favorites is brand new! My heart was moved while perusing its pages. It has been added to the list of bedtime stories – anytime stories – that I hope people will share with their children.

Once Upon A Memory, a collaboration by Nina Laden and Renata Liwska, has the simplicity of Goodnight Moon, the sweetness of The Giving Tree, and the beautiful and subtle lesson of Miss Rumphius.

I recently attended a talk given by children’s book author and illustrator, Loren Long. He tells stories about Otis, a brave and kind little tractor, who has happy adventures with his friends on the farm.

Long, shared memories from his childhood – the constancy of a beloved bedtime story in the rapidly changing world of a child. The friends that are found in the words and colors of a book that may be opened again and again, read by a loving voice, as they drift into sleep.

Once Upon A Memory, is a special, gently told, story of the way the world moves. It is a marvelous addition to anyone’s nightstand – it reminds us of the sweetness to be found in our changes and our memories.


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