Prayer for a Challenging Person

People are challenging. Even I can be more of a challenge than I like to admit.

When a person complains about their life, when they are quick to anger, when they see only obstacles in their path, when they gossip or tell lies, when they act as a bully, when they are cruel and unkind, responding with love can bring you a lot of peace.

I wrote this prayer while listening to the careless rantings of a man who is currently having a very hard time. I was feeling injured by his actions and antagonized by his words. So, I picked up my pen to write my feelings in a letter…this is what emerged.  I say a version of it whenever I feel angry, hurt, or confused.

It is very easy to make this your own. Fill in the blank with the person whom you are wishing ill and decide to wish them well instead. Pick a deity of your choice, or none at all – say this prayer to yourself to change the way that you are thinking, (it will be more effective than trying to change them).

When we are loving we have more to give, and are better able to receive. When you feel challenged by someone, give yourself a break.  Shift your feelings.  Say a little prayer. 🙂



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