In a Dark Moment…


There are days when everything seems wrong – you feel sad because you miss someone, your car breaks down for the third time in a month, the dishwasher blows a gasket and leaks all over the kitchen, and you are running late…

Then, the last golden leaves dance slowly on the wind to rest gently upon the pavement. You take a moment, you allow yourself to watch them.  A juvenile hawk, with spotted feathers and wobbly wings perches in a fir tree to stare at you.  The sun slants sideways, like a child peering beneath a blanket with a flashlight. You feel your skin warming, despite rain and wind.  As you turn your head: a rainbow…


a part of a box of letters, for someone… someday.

I would not claim that there is always light to be seen in a dark moment. What I would say is that if I look, I always find a glimmer, and if I pay attention to that faint flash of light, it will grow to fill my whole heart. (But I have to choose it, and sometimes that is hard.)


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