Some Kind of Medicine

On New Year’s Eve, after the clock struck midnight, as many people tottered tipsily home, a few friends sat around my dining room table and were feeling kind of sleepy. We were sated with food, tea, spirits, sweets, and loving company. One of them filmed this video without me realizing he had done so. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

Sometimes, your heart needs a good laugh… I know that mine did. There are times in life when we are so numb that humor doesn’t come all that easily. I am grateful for every tremor and rumble of joy that has warmed my heart – for every person who has dared to be silly and laugh with me. Laughter is a great healer, it’s right up there next to joy!

I hope that this brings you some laughter. Maybe, dare I hope, it will also bring you a little joy. Have a really, really, happy day!! 🙂

I am happy, even before I have a reason! -Hafiz


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