5 Things…


1. I am grateful for the stars! The glowing Milky Way dividing the sky, wayward wandering satellites, slashes of shooting stars, warm comfortable tangled legs beneath blankets, dulcet tones of conspiracy theory on the radio, staring at treetops, solid earth beneath my back, dewdrops in my hair…

2. I am grateful for potatoes in pans. The dismissal of my controlling, “Heat the oil first!” with a chuckle and a complete disregard for any advice. Salty, crunchy, potatoes in pans… yummmmm…

3. I am grateful for voices. Whispers, hums, murmurs, laughter, conversing, singing… especially singing! The soundtrack of living, discussing, musing, in every attitude, and the silences between.

4. I am grateful for unpaid power bills. Snuggles beneath blankets, hugs, smiles, candles, goofy jokes, the ways that things are full, joyous, exactly right…even when you aren’t sure they should be.

5. I am grateful for cheeks on shoulders, noses in hair and nuzzled necks, foreheads to backs, and palms to hearts… fingertips rubbing temples, ears and chins and closed eyes, soles on calves, and toes that used to feel shame – held by hands.



What do you think?

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